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Nara Herbowy
Founder of Herbowy Law, PLLC



The Legacy Designer


Will?  Trust?  Guardianship? How much does a legal plan Cost? Discover how to safeguard your family in case of an emergency by avoiding confusion, conflict & court in this FREE Webinar. *RSVP now and receive your FREE Digital copy of "Wear Clean Underwear", the busy parent's guide to legal planning!



*This presentation is free.  Some participants my find the stories shared overwhelming..  Nara encourages you to stay until the end of the presentation to learn about what solutions she provides to help you protect your loved ones if and when something should happen to you. 


Mallika M. 

I thought my family was covered since I already have a Will in place but after listening to Nara's Webinar, I learned there are lots of things to think about and conversations to be had over time.  Nara clearly explained what could happen if we don't take proper action.  I now feel more informed and empowered to make some changes to protect my family.  


I have 2 kids under 3 and I thought all I needed was a will.  After listening to Nara's Webinar I understand the difference between a trust and a will and the importance of having documents set in place before a tragedy happens.  With her clear explanation I feel knowledgable and confident to go through the process of creating these documents along with my husband for both my family and my business (which I never considered for the latter).  I would much rather have my wishes fulfilled rather than have the court or family chaos make decisions.

Clara W.

For years now, ever since our kids were born, my husband and I have been wanting to draft a will and put a guardianship process in place.  But we always felt intimidated by what the process may be, and who we should contact, how much it will cost, and most importantly feeling confident that the process we set in place will be valid when the time comes.  After attending Nara's Webinar, not only did I realize this was something we can no longer wait to do, but it is also not complicated.  Nara broke down the process so it was easy to follow and understand.  She steps in not just as an attorney, but also as a parent, a spouse, a daughter, a family member.  It made me feel reassured and empowered to know I can protect my family, and she will be there to support us every step of the planning process.

Marcie S.

Over the Years I have sat in on several intimidating estate planning meetings.  I rarely walked away with any new understanding or confidence and I certainly never spoke up.  I would actually walk away feeling even more confused than before.  Nara's webinar was informative and educational, and now I have become the spouse who takes the lead to ensure our estate is protected for the future!

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